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Awakening to Oneness

An excerpt from an article by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee titled The Awakening of the World.

At this time of transition when one era is dying and another is being born, we have a choice: we can stay with the images of the past, the ghosts of materialism that have polluted and desecrated our planet. Or we can move into a future that is not yet defined, that is full of possibilities. There are already signs of this future, some visible and some as yet hidden. We can see the seeds of a global consciousness, a deep awareness that we are all one people who are a part of a living, interrelated ecosystem. And within this awareness is an awakening consciousness of oneness, a consciousness that is not based upon duality but upon a primal knowing of the oneness that belongs to life and is a direct expression of the divine….

…As we become awake to the oneness that embraces all of creation, and is a embodiment of the oneness of God, humanity can reclaim the divinity of matter and the wonder of divine presence. We no longer need to live in a world of separation which has divorced matter and our physical selves from its spiritual nature. Everything is a celebration of divine oneness, everything a unique opportunity to praise and remember God.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee is a Sufi teacher and author of a number of books, including Light of Oneness. For more articles and videos from this Sufi teacher, you can visit http://www.workingwithoneness.org/



How can the divine Oneness be seen?
In beautiful forms, breathtaking wonders,
awe-inspiring miracles?
The Tao is not obliged to present itself
in this way.

If you are willing to be lived by it, you will
see it everywhere, even in the most
ordinary things.

Lao Tsu


How can we speak about sustainability without speaking about the Sustainer?

An interesting article on spiritual ecology you can read at this link, from Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, sheikh in the Naqshbandiyya-Mujadidiyya Sufi Order .

I particularly like the following excerpts which emphasize the importance of also addressing the ecological crisis  at a root level, through a radical shift of consciousness. It can be accomplished by becoming alive to the presence of the sacred through out our planet and changing fundamentally how we relate to it, with the help of ‘the wisdom of our ancestors’ or various spiritual traditions.

We have to step out of our dream of separation, the insularity with which we have imprisoned ourselves, and acknowledge that we are a part of a multidimensional living spiritual being we call the world.

We may praise and pray to a God in heaven, but we do not understand how to welcome the divine into our lives. How can we heal and transform the world without the living presence of its Creator?

Spiritual ecology means reawakening our awareness of what is sacred in all of creation, and knowing that only if we work together with the divine in all of its manifestations can we hope to redeem what we have desecrated and destroyed through our greed and arrogance. It means to reclaim the wisdom of our ancestors who knew the sacred interconnections of life and the divine forces within it. Once again we have to relearn how to relate to the divine, how to bring an awareness of the many facets of divine oneness into our lives and prayers and meditations.