The relevance of Vedanta for our time

I have been studying and teaching Vedanta for a number of years, and I see more and more the immense value of this spiritual tradition because of its universal nature and the profound answers it gives to the human quest for freedom and meaning. I am amazed during our talks or retreats by all the feed back people give me about the depth and also the relevance of this teaching for our time.

  • The depth because Vedanta not only helps us to grow into mature, adult and objective human beings but also leads us to discover more fundamentally the truth about ourselves: ‘All that is here is one, I am not this limited individual I take myself to be but I am already that one and non-dual reality, which is the truth of the whole universe.’
  • Relevance also since Vedanta can help us see through and address, in a responsible manner, certain issues of contemporary living. Vedanta indeed unfolds us a way to live better in an increasingly turbulent and complex environment by widening our perspective of things, showing us how as human beings, we are part of a larger order and are connected with the universe and all other living beings.

The parent website

I have already exposed in a systematic and traditional manner the vision of Vedanta on the website Discover Vedanta, the Yoga of Objectivity, as I learned it from Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a contemporary teacher belonging to this ancient teaching tradition.

What is then the purpose of this blog?

Vedanta is an independent means of knowledge about the nature of I.  This I cannot be objectified and hence cannot be arrived at by perception and various forms of reasoning.  Even though the purview of Vedanta is separate and independent, my attempt is here to make us see how different fields of human knowledge be it, philosophy, astrophysics, quantum physics, ecology, art, psychology, etc. which are based on the previous methods,  do not contradict Vedanta. In fact, at times what is arrived at by other disciplines point towards, complement, reinforce, support, or enhance the wisdom of Vedanta.

I will thus expose the vision of Vedanta by revisiting it in the light of some of these fundamental disciplines of human thought and wisdom, and more particularly the findings of some thinkers, scientists, artists, etc. of all times.

This approach I hope can help one to appreciate the greatness of the vision of Vedanta as it puts in perspective all the riches of various disciplines of knowledge and at the same time adds its unique value to the understanding of oneself and universe. It can thereby enable us to live a full and meaningful life, which is well informed of our times and aware of our responsibilities in an interconnected world.

How is the blog organized?

Different topics related to Vedanta are brought under a few categories in order to show the bridges between the vision of Vedanta and that particular discipline.

The articles often begin by a brief summary in order to highlight the aspect of the teaching of Vedanta which is linked to it. Links to the relevant section of the website are at times provided at the end of the article, for those who want to understand the article in the overall context of the traditional teaching.

Invitation to contribute

For those who would like to contribute, in any of the fields which fit with the overall purpose of this blog, are most welcome to send your articles at I will be very glad to post your significant and insightful writings under your name.

I strongly believe that your contributions have the power to make this open platform grow in its content, evolve and take its own life. It can enable a new vision of human life to emerge, that reconciles modernity and ancient wisdom, thereby transforming and enriching more and more people.

Surya Tahora


3 responses to “Introduction

  1. Heartiest congratulations for the wonderful work both of you have been doing.
    The way you designed this site, your new way of presentation and how you are giving references is superb.

    Let me be the first to start comments on the blog and underline the importance of bhakti (devotion to the Lord). Knowledge is needed to perform any work but to excel in the same you need bhakti and blessing of the Lord which is like every parent towards his children, always giving in bountiful. An attitude of devotion is also very important while performing any karma (action) and accepting its fruits as prasada (as blessed by the Lord). Narsinh Mehta, our Gujarati poet emphasized the importance of devotion by singing that ‘I dont want moksa (freedom) I want your bhakti birth after birth’. And also Adi Shankara, the great teacher in the tradition of Advaita, was a great devotee.

    The work of Seva (service with care & compassion) done by Swamiji is the direct result of bhakti as every living being is the manifestation of Lord. And it is the right seva to start by serving the bodily needs. The seva that you do, with reference to one of the most basic need of mind, is like Lord said in last chapter in Gita :

    Ya imam paramam guhyam madbhaktesvabhidhashyati…
    That person who teaches this most exalted secret to my devotees…is dear to Me and there will not be another dearer to Me on the earth than he.
    Bhagavad Gita 18-68 & 18-69

    There are also other famous verses in the Gita speaking about devotion:
    Manmana madbhakta madyachi maam namaskararu…
    Become one whose mind is always with Me, who is devoted to Me, offer all your worship to Me and may you surrender to Me. You will reach Me alone, I truly promise you. (Because) you are dear to Me.
    Bhagavad Gita 18-65

    …Mam ekam saranam vraa, ahamtwam sarva paapebhyo mokshishyaami ma shuch…
    Take refuge in Me, I will release you from all karmas, do not grieve.
    Bhagavad Gita 18-66

    Wishing you both a very prosperous future ahead,

  2. Dears Surya and Neema
    I loved the design or should I say the ‘grand design’ of this blog. I am still a novice in Vedanta as you very well know.
    I really look forward to your ‘attempt to make us see how different fields of human knowledge do not contradict Vedanta’. I am told it is a longer route to realisation by some, but it is the one I am excited about.

    I have still to read all the posts and hope to make my comments for whatever it is worth.
    With best regards.

  3. dear and divine …. know one to know everyone ….. congratulations for a fine blog …..value for time posts ….. found your blog today by chance so is wonderful life …. love all.

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