Am I the body? How real is the body?

I am so identified with the body that the attributes of the body are taken to be mine and I conclude that ‘I am tall, thin, blond, 40 years old, etc.’. In other words I am confined to this body, subject to birth, aging and death, sorrow and joy. How true is that conclusion?

This video gives us some insights into how Vedanta inquires into the nature of the body. Is this body real? Can I find a tangible substance that I can call the body?

The inquiry leads me to see that it is mithya in terms of reality; it has an empirical reality but not an absolute reality. It is only a name for different forms within forms which are put together and changing all the time. It also shows that I cannot be the body since I, as a subject, is the one who objectifies its changing conditions.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

With all our warm thanks to our friends Elodie and Dino from Paris, who shot this video in Rishikesh in September 2008 on the banks of Ganga, during one of our intensive retreats.

To know more about this inquiry, some links to our website

[1]. What is satyam & mithya?

[2]. if I am not the body, what is the nature of I?


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