Surround me with your presence & In amazement I wake up…Rabindra Sangeet

Two more poems of Rabindranath Tagore, that Nandita and Shubhra kindly translated from Bengali to English and shared with us. They are both from Gitobitan, a collection of songs written and put to music by Tagore, popularly known as Rabindra Sangeet.

The first poem is a prayer to the Friend which invites Him to ‘be in my heart’ , ‘through joys and sorrows’, ‘in all I do in this world’.

During meditation, by invoking Him and seeing very intimately its Presence in one’s life, one can assimilate  the knowledge of the nature of this all knowledge and power (Isvara) unfolded by the Upanishads. This is how we can make our understanding of Isvara complete, an understanding that sinks in, permeates our whole being and thereby transforms us.

Stay with me dear Friend,

In all I do in this world,

Knowingly or in prayer;

Be in my heart;

Come slowly dear Lord,

Through my joys and sorrows,

In my laughter and tears;

Surround me with your presence,

In all I do in this world;

Be in my heart through knowledge,

Or when in prayer.

In the second poem, the poet expresses his wonder as he sees the presence of all knowledge and power manifested in the form of the order pervading the sky and stars, his own body and the nature around him.

The sky abounds with suns and stars,

The world with life,

I have found my place in the midst of it all;

So in amazement my music blossoms

And I sing my song.

The rhythm of timeless time, with which

The universe swings,

Runs in my veins too, pulling me through,

In amazement, I wake up and sing my song.

I have tiptoed on grass, on my way to the forest,

Surprised by flowering scents,

Elated to see these joyous gifts strewn around,

In amazement I wake up and sing my song.

I have put my ears to the ground,

I have heard the music

I have poured my soul into the earth’s bosom,

I find The Unknown in the midst of all that is known,

In amazement my mind awakens and I sing my song.


3 responses to “Surround me with your presence & In amazement I wake up…Rabindra Sangeet

  1. You can perceive Ishvara so vividly in Tagore’s poems. Beautiful. It is great to begin your day reading such poetry. So soothing, so calming, so healing.

  2. Cool site, love the info.

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