All pervading Intelligence

Microcosme & Macrocosme

Microcosm & Macrocosm

Two beautiful images to contemplate upon the all pervading intelligence and creative power that is unfolded by the Upanishads, with the help of modern science. It is quite amazing that similar arrangement and patterns are found at the level of the galaxies in the universe and in the network of neurons of a living being.

On the left is a microscopic image of the  neuronal network in the brain of a mouse produced by Mark N. Miller of Brandeis University’s Nelson Lab. On the right is the Max Planck Institute’s computer simulation of the vast dark matter network (purple) connecting visible matter of galaxies (yellow) across the universe.

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Note : Some definitions of dark matter can be found at &

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[1] The equation ‘You are that’, the cause of the universe

[2] The equation ‘You are that’, the nature of ‘that’

[3] Article in pdf format, The vedic vision of God


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